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With Idylla™, it's simply one and done.

Compared with NGS and other RT-PCR testing methods, the Idylla™ system eliminates the need for multiple numbers of instruments, large amounts of consumable items and increased square footage of laboratory space. Everything you need is provided in a single disposable cartridge. That single cartridge is then loaded onto the system to enable the simultaneous detection of up to 30 molecular targets. It’s fast, easy to use and will revolutionize the way you work.

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Biocartis is recruiting centers for a prospective biomarker study comparing turnaround times of standard of care methods and biomarker testing with Idylla™.

One of the biggest challenges oncology labs face with biomarker testing is the ability to obtain samples of sufficient size and quality. With the Idylla™ system only a minimal amount of sample is needed. For solid biopsies, just one slice of tissue is enough and our plasma-based assays require only 1 ml of plasma.